The Grand Slam of Slots

To those who are unfamiliar, The Grand Slam is a series of tennis tournaments that epitomize the competitive spirit of the sport. Many athletes aspire to step foot on these hallowed grounds, in pursuit of glory and monetary gain. In the same fashion, the upcoming 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament pulls together future champions from all walks of life, placing them directly in the path of the Centre Court online video slot. Please visit online casinos and make extra cash.


Centre Court online video slotThis Survivor-style tournament from the original site in question is no ordinary contest. The call to arms is cast all through the world, and the first 1000 entrants will be thrust into a online slot melee where only one can take home the prize. This tourney, which costs 8 EUR to enter, happens the day of 2015/10/14 00:10, nestled in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone.


The Centre Court video slot is not a console to be taken lightly, as I recently discovered when I visited Canada’s online casino. A tennis-themed hybrid slot app, both the sound effects and graphics bring about the excitement and enjoyment of the Grand Slam. Check out the unique features of this slot:

  • Playing card Bonus Game offers more opportunities to win!
  • Players, balls and Trophies offer a unique layout for your session!
  • The Wild and Scatter symbols are invaluable! Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Five Wild symbols on a payline mean 1000 coins!

Simple Manners for Blackjack Players

blackjackYou love to play the game of blackjack! You might be a frequent or a casual player. Maybe you hit the blackjack table once a year or once a day. However, did you ever stop to consider your blackjack playing manners? Unfortunately, many people don’t. This is a mistake many new and veteran players of the blackjack table make. There are several things you should do and remember whenever you get yourself involved in a game of blackjack. Some of these rules are there to help protect the integrity of the game. Others are designed to make sure everyone playing feels comfortable. Some of the manners are there to help keep you safe while you play! Are you unfamiliar with the proper etiquette of playing blackjack? You can read on to learn more! Please visit online slots usa and make extra cash.

Some of the manners for blackjack players are simple. For example, one you make a bet, don’t touch any of the chips in the gambling box until the hand is over. Other manners are more subtle. For example, when you slide your gambling chips forward to make a bet, always stack the chips from highest to lowest. A dealer will quickly correct you if you make this error. The purpose behind this rule is to make sure that no one adds a large denomination bet to the stack once the outcome of the hand is known. A final tip is to not sit at the left of the table if you are new to the game. This person is the last person to respond to the dealer. Sometimes a poor choice by this player can ruin the game for others. People will notice and get a bit grumpy!

There are lots of other small etiquette tips for blackjack. Make sure you take the time to research them before your next night out!

Choosing Between Baccarat And Blackjack

Card enthusiasts are frequently torn between table game choices open to them when they visit casinos or play card table games on the internet. Since the time card games were developed, both Baccarat and Blackjack have been among the most popular casino card games. However, with growth of online casinos all over the world, players can practice their moves irrespective constantly. Before the introduction of online gambling, baccarat was the game of choice among rich gamblers who were brave enough to bet and win millions or lose similar amounts on a single day.

Baccarat and Blackjack

Popularity of Baccarat among casino players

Baccarat gained more eyeballs after James Bond showed his fascination for the game in Casino Royale and also explained a few moves to other members at the table. Though some historians claim that the game was invented in Italy, it gained popularity only after reaching France during 15th century when it was introduced in the court of Charles VIII and was adopted by its noble class. French soldiers that brought the game from Italy to France as a tarot based game which was modified to include 52 cards deck.

Difficult choice between both

Between Baccarat and Blackjack, most people would choose baccarat as it has simple rules and easy odds but it is not as profitable as blackjack so is referred to by card players as a soft game. Blackjack is more rewarding but player needs to learn the ropes before joining the table with other professionals. Blackjack requires a fair amount of skill and experience before you try it out with professionals at a baccarat table. To make it interesting for players, operators offer special festival bonus and organise tournaments which can be accessed by both mobile and land based computers.

The Ins and Outs of Online Gambling Legality

Many people have a distorted perception of the online gambling industry. Arguably the most concurrent theme within this distortion is that it is an industry which is awash with over complicated legislation and in particular a nightmare for service providers when it comes to paying appropriate tax and staying out of the grips of condemnation. This isn’t true. In fact, service providers have it pretty easy – up until very recently often slipping through the next of intrigue when it comes to serious issues such as tax.

Online GamblingIt was only very recently that providers offering punters (through various marketing means) in the United Kingdom their odds, though who were not based in the country, were required to go through all of the pomp and circumstance of registering for a being awarded a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Before then, it was pretty much a free for all in which these companies successfully took the money of British citizens and didn’t pay any tax to the British government. With this, it’s not really hard to understand why there is a confused attitude towards the industry as whole!

As you would expect, the introduction of this requirement in the United Kingdom last October resulted in a mad dash for market share among the main competitors active within the country. A wide range of marketing techniques have been utilised in this race, including but not limited to pay per click campaigns and social media campaigns. So far the big names are holding out, but in an industry this diverse and indeed exciting – there is always room for change!

Jackpot Capital Casino Hosts Shine like a Star Event

For its grand award season that kicked off in February, Jackpot Capital Casino announced $80,000 in prizes as part of its mega Shine like a Star bonanza. Between February and mid-March, the casino awarded prizes to the score board leaders and to lucky draw winners. Each week’s score board leaders won a thrilling $10,000 dollars each, and another prize worth $40,000 was distributed among the random draws.

Play more, win more

Jackpot Capital CasinoDuring the Shine like a Star promotion, players could log on to play through their mobiles or even their computers. Once logged in, players earned points when they played real money games online. This in turn, bumped them up the Score Board. The more they played, the higher they went up the score chart. At the end of every week, Jackpot Royal Casino gave away a $10,000 prize to the top dog. Throughout the tournament, details of player rankings and give-away bonuses could be found on the casino’s website.

Bonus Boost

For those who logged in to participate in the Shine like a Star event, there was also the chance to win hefty bonuses. Through each week of the tournament, players could stack up a bonus on $500.

Additionally, the casino also announced a Bonus Boost that would be awarded every Friday. The $150 bonus boost could go a long way in increasing a player’s play time on the portal. Many players also noted that the Friday Bonus Boost was especially attractive. This was because the Friday Bonus Boosts had the ability to improve you score and make your eligible for a higher bonus.

A gaming treat

Jackpot Capital Casino is a popular online casino that offers participants a plethora of choices. It brings popular games like Loch Ness Loot, Aladdin’s Wishes, and Small Fortune to your mobile device.

Massive Jackpot Win Again at Table Mountain Casino

Table Mountain CasinoThough February is regarded as the month for love with Valentine Day’s, members of Table Mountain Casino are calling it as the month of big winnings. Located in Central California, this casino is regarded highly among locals for friendly service staff and incredibly lucky slot machines. Jonathan from Fresno is the latest Club Member of Table Mountain Casino to win nearly $ 64, 811 when the casino’s Massive Cash jackpot hit Whales of cash slot with lucky spin of the wheel. This particular jackpot is exclusive to Table Mountain Casino, which can give the lucky winner anywhere between $50,000 and $150000 in cash. Jonathan is the second lucky winner in this game within a few weeks of last jackpot where the winner took home an enormous amount of $135834 by trying out penny slots in Stacks of Gold.

Regular payout at the casino

The Table Mountain Casino is located within few miles of Fresno making it easy for people to drive into the hotel on weekends and weekdays for entertainment. According to the casino’s president Rob Goslin, jackpots are a common feature at Massive Cash Jackpot and the players win small and large amounts every few hours. Players that are Club Members can get accesses to Boni and high stakes games to win cash by inserting their club cards to pay.

Popular among locals

When you check with past winners for secret to their success at the slot game it you will soon know that there are on special winning combinations to get jackpot at Table Mountain Casino’s Massive Cash Jackpot. This is a game exclusively for regulars at the casino that have Players Club membership which gives free entry to casino any time of the day. The jackpot here is so lucky that it has been named as Central California’s Winners’ Paradise by leading newsmagazines. Last September the jackpot gave out nearly twenty two million dollars in all within one month to more than four players.

Murdered Man Connected to Money Laundering Syndicate

One of the most tantalizing stories to reach the airwaves in recent months is the story of a Vietnamese refugee who helped launder over $1 billion dollars through various casinos in Australia. Pete Hoang, age 36, originally came to Australia as a refugee more than three decades ago. Hoang eventually received his Australian citizenship, and was thought to be an extremely successful businessperson by those who knew him.

Pete HoangUnfortunately, the double life that Hoang was leading came to light after he was murdered in Sydney this past September. After digging into his history, law enforcement officials told news outlets that Pete Hoang was a key cog in an extremely complex money laundering scheme that operated in many of Australia’s most popular casinos.

Mick Willing, a police officer in New South Wales, told reporters that Hoang had received millions of dollars from various syndicates over the years. Hoang would then gamble this money at casinos in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and New South Wales.

Early estimates suggest that Hoang might have been responsible for laundering over $1 billion through Australian casinos.

Pete Hoang’s Gambling Habits

A sociologist named Linda Hancock says that Hoang’s gambling habits were extremely unique compared to most other Australian gamblers. Hancock says that Pete Hoang frequently placed high stakes wagers, and was even known to bet $100,000 on a hand of poker.

Hoang’s high stakes behavior made him extremely popular at many of Sydney’s gambling complexes. He was frequently the recipient of free hotel rooms, free flights, and complimentary alcohol.

Hancock, who has spent years studying Australian casinos, says that money laundering is extremely common in Australia. She estimates that more than $10 billion in laundered money is funneled through Australian casinos every year.

Award Events Boost Female Presence in Gambling

Gambling and gambling jobs have long been a realm of men. However, female presence has slowly been rising in the industry in the recent past, thanks to the promotional activities of various individuals and organizations. The Women in Gaming Award events is the most principal among all the activities that are being conducted to promote women in the gambling world.

Women in Gaming


The Women in Gaming awards aim at highlighting the exceptional contribution put forward by women working in the industry. It also targets at projecting these women as role models for others to follow and to highlight the career opportunities that await them in land-based and online gaming industry. This year’s Women In Gaming awards was held on June 6 at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in London, hosted by Clever Duck Media. The event, which was in support of Breakthrough breast cancer charity, was attended by almost 120 luminaries from the betting industry.

Organizer of the event, Colin Thompson, said it is important to emphasize the contribution of women in the male-dominated industry, especially in business. She also appreciated the amount of commitment shown by Hodan Fourie of PokerStars towards the industry.

Award winners 

The most prestigious award, the Pride of the Year, was shared by Hodan Fouri and Michaela Michaylova from Unibet for their outstanding contribution, innovative approach and success in making themselves an inspiration for other women to shed the myths about the industry and to choose a career in it.

Many other awards such as Star of the Future, Hidden Talent of the Year and Innovator of the Year were also given away in the presence of distinguished members of the industry during the event. Unibet COO Britt Boeslov, said the calibre of women influencers in the industry blew her away and such an event was inevitable to break the gender barrier in the industry and for it to grow.

Apart from the awards, the gala became a platform for networking, opportunities and resources for both female and male professionals alike to diversify and confer their networks. With the commitment and promise displayed by women in gambling, the industry may soon get balanced in terms of gender parity.

Germany to Welcome Regulated Online Gambling

To all the online gambling lovers in Germany, exciting news is right round the corner! The online gambling world has thousands of casino websites that provide numerous offers. However, most of them aren’t licensed, meaning that they mostly operate in a grey area. Plus, with the amount of complicated regulatory laws in the country, it is not easy for brands to obtain their licenses. As a result, only the premier gambling brands are accessible to players around the country.

Here is a list of reliable casinos that are properly licensed as well as pass all the gambling requirements.


Germany GamblingOne of the largest gambling markets in European countries, EUCasino concentrates on Germany and offers a diverse array of languages and currencies. Exclusive games, such as slots, are offered by SkillOnNet for all the players, and the progressive jackpot exceeds a million Euros. There are numerous other promotional offers for players, as well.

BETAT Casino

Widely known to be player-friendly, the BETAT Casino is excellent at providing customer service and is guaranteed to make each one of its customers feel welcome. The games offered by BETAT include offerings from NextGen Gaming, Leander, Microgaming, and Net Ent, all of which can be played across mobile devices and browsers online.

Winner Casino

Powered by Playtech, the Winner Casino is known to be one of the best in the country. The interface is simple, and the casino offers a plethora of winning titles for all its games. A popular series of games that can be accessed in this casino is the Marvel series, and there are several other games provide by Playtech too, that can be played here.

Bet365 Casino

The online casino offers an excellent gaming experience and is a leader of online gambling in Germany. It has over 200 popular games to choose from, and boasts of over a dozen game providers whose games can be accessed here.

Casino Fantasia

Powered by Novomatic, the online casino’s licensed platform has traditional as well as modern gaming elements for all its players. Slots, table games, and bingo are just some of its offerings that you can take part in. The winning prizes are huge at Casino Fantasia, as well.

Tivoli Casino

Millions of players visit the casino every year, and the list includes a host of Germans, too. Major game providers like Net Entertainment and Microgaming offer games at the casino which are extremely reliable.

The online casinos given above accept payments in EUR, and are available in German, as well.

MGM Resorts Reports 3Q Loss from Casinos, Expenses

The revenue of MGM Resorts International from its various casinos was 40 million dollars less in the third quarter reporting in comparison to the previous year. There were also additional losses incurred by the casino-entertainment firm with the re-opening of the 1,117 room hotel at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. The total loss in the quarter amounted to 20.3 million dollars, which would account for 4 cents/share.

This was actually an improvement if one compared it to the previous year losses of 22.3 million dollars, accounting for 5 cents/share. As far as non-recurring expenses were concerned, losses adjusted came out to 2 cents for each share, missing the average estimate made by analysts for a 6 cents/share profit. There was an increase in the revenue by 1 percent reaching $2.49 billion.

MGM Resorts International

Non-gambling revenue

There has been a lot of focus by the firm on non-gambling income and it seems to be heading further into that direction. Pushing aside casinos and gambling, in Las Vegas, MGM is establishing an arena, building a site for hosting a festival and also trying to attract more tourist traffic by encouraging the opening of more shops and restaurants near the Strip’s sidewalk.

According to MGM Chief, Dan D’Arrigo, The Las Vegas tourist today changed and is on the lookout for many more experiences other than gambling. Relying on a growing convention market, MGM is looking for better and more powerful business opportunities all across Vegas in the coming year. It also plans to further enhance its existing properties near the Strip. Jim Murren, CEO, MGM believes that this move is crucial to its success.

Driving factor

According to Alex Bumazhny, analyst, Fitch Ratings, is of the opinion that the company’s results and its Las Vegas performance were somewhat disappointing. However, as far as the bigger picture is concerned, there seems to be a slow and stable recovery in the coming year. The key driving factor pushing MGM’s recovery seems to be the picking up of the convention business. So far, this is the story told to Wall Street by the company and the firm is now busy expanding its huge convention centre at Mandalay Bay.