The Fascinating World of Casino Security


Do you want to learn more about casino security? If so, read on.

Casino security starts on the casino’s floor. Dealers are alert to their own games, watching for cheats who may be switching or marking cards, palming, or marking dice. Pit bosses and table managers are watching groups of tables and looking for patterns of play and betting that might indicate cheating. Every employee is being watched by someone who is monitoring their play and observing how much his or her table is winning or losing. Employees can cheat, too.

Then there are the ceiling cameras which allow the entire casino to be watched. These cameras can watch every single table, doorway, and change window. The cameras also are able to hone in on any suspicious activity by any patron or employee. They also tape everything, in case they have to prove someone guilty of cheating, or if they have discovered cheating and need to identify the offender after the fact.

By the way, you may have noticed a lack of security personnel near the slots. This is because the slots pay out at random and the players generally don’t have to be watched.

What is not readily apparent to most patrons is the “flow” of casino games. Security personnel need to be aware of the shuffling and dealing styles of dealers, where the betting spots are on the tables, and how players typically play and react. Observing this subtle flow helps security workers spot anything out of the ordinary.

No one’s calling you a cheat, but for your own sake, here are some pointers to help you stay out of trouble with casino security:

• You can watch a game you’re not playing, but don’t bother the players.
• Don’t put anything besides chips on the playing table.
• If you have to reach across a table in order to make a bet, just let the dealer place the bet for you. Reaching across a table is a no-no.
• Once you’ve placed your bet, leave your hands off your chips.
• Don’t collect your winnings prior to all bets being paid.
• Don’t use two hands to hold your cards, dice, or other game equipment. In fact, try and avoid touching things unless you have to.
• Keep your dice or cards above the table where the dealer can see them.