Extended Gaming for Labor Day


For most people, Labor Day translates to a retreat from the pressures of daily living. A break from work allows you to do the things in life that you really want to do for once. The SLS Vegas Hotel and Casino is embracing this day and keeping its doors open so that people can truly enjoy the holiday and spend it exactly as they wish. Formerly known as the Sahara, the SLS Casino is staying open throughout the Labor Day weekend for eager gamers and patrons. The new management has been in control for a little over three months, and these extended hours of operation are just one of the positive changes that players have seen.

Getting the Gaming Going

The SLS Casino now offers over 1,600 rooms to patrons after a brief close for renovations following the change of ownership. This legendary home for gaming now operates with the help of a partnership with many private firms that includes the Stockbridge Capital Group of San Francisco. A change in style also came with the new opening of the SLS Casino. People have likened the new appearance to time-honored designs that are associated with the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard while still retaining a modern sense of style. In total, over $4 million dollars have gone into updating the location.

Service To Be Trusted

This transformation of this legendary location is just an initial step in the plans that SLS has in development. There are new hotel and casino locations being planned for all over nation, including Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. The firm is also taking a new approach to the way that they manage the individual parts of their business as well. Rather than trusting attractions and associated businesses to third-party owners, the corporation themselves will be taking the reigns of all things SLS-oriented. From restaurants to arcades, the creative direction and profits associated will all businesses stay in-house for this growing name in gaming. They will also be rolling out new loyalty programs for players that are expected to gather as many as 5 million members over the next five years.