Fire in Gibraltar Halts Online Gambling Industry

On Sunday, Gibraltar faced an explosion with fire that resulted in the disruption of several online gambling operations. In addition, the explosion and fire caused the majority of residents to be left without any kind of power within the British territory.


The local media reported that one of the generators at the Waterport Power Station experienced a mechanical failure, catching fire and eventually exploding from the heat. There were no reported injuries, but the incident and outage resulted in several online gambling operations to shut down. Some affected operations included Ladbrokes, Betfred and William Hill, all of which are based in Gibraltar.

The online betting industry is a very important factor to the economy of the British territory Gibraltar as many of these international companies come to the area to base their operations due to the low taxes of the territory. The outage also meant that several people were left unable to make any online bets on a packed holiday weekend for sports.

“Freak event,” Graham Sharpe, spokesman for William Hill, reported. Sharpe stated that the services of William Hill were put to a stop for approximately two and a half hours, and that the incident was just a “freak event” that nobody could have predicted. In addition, Sharpe reported the company was aware there are some who would have rather backed a winner, but many have now been rescued from backing the loser.

After the eruption of the blaze, several emergency services rushed to the area, where the station was evacuated of its employees and the fire was quickly suffocated. On Twitter, FabianPicardo, the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, praised the rapid response of the emergency teams.

In addition, Picardo tweeted rejoice for the restoration of power to all of Gibraltar, stating that the territory will need to take measures to prevent such an incident of long-term power outages again.