5 Tips for Succeeding at a Casino

It is important to have a plan when you head to the casino, especially if you are not a gambling regular. Here are five tips that will help you win big.

casinosuccess1. Choose the Right Dealer

Instead of wasting time trying to learn card counting or other illegal tricks, it is better to take advantage of weaknesses at the casino. Many gambling experts have concluded that all casinos have one or two weak dealers. These dealers will accidentally flash a card that is meant to be face down, adding about 10% to your edge against the casino.

2. Stay Focused

Having beautiful women walking around providing free alcohol to everyone at a table game is common casino policy. You may think this is great hospitality, but it is really a way to get the gamblers less focused on winning. If you are inebriated and staring at the eye candy, you may not be able to make the smartest decision when it comes to your cards.

3. Go Big on the Slots

The idea behind playing with penny slots is that you do not have to spend a lot to potentially win a jackpot. However, statistics show that the house has a massive advantage in these penny slot games. Instead of dumping coins into a machine when you have little chance of winning, it is better to play the slot games where you have to enter $5 or $10 per game.

4. Avoid Keno

It may seem like an appealing game, but statistics highlight that the house edge for Keno is around 35 to 40 percent. For example, matching 20 numbers on a 20 ticket has NEVER happened.

5. Practice Beforehand

No matter how quick a learner you are, it is not advisable to play a game for the first time at a casino. With all the excitement around the place, dealers in your face, and other players at the table, it can be quite challenging to learn on the spot. Instead, take a look at the games you are most interested in and learn the rules beforehand. These days there are plenty of free online casinos where you can demo games and get a feel for the rules.

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