Finalists of 2014 Poker Hall of Fame

The names of the nominees for the 2014 Poker Hall of Fame are finally out! The World Series of Poker recently announced the 10 payers who will get to battle it out against each other. Daniel Negreanu has been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the group. Though it will be Daniel’s first stint at the tournament, he is expected to fare well and guide his team with his leadership skills. The other four who will join Daniel are Jack McClelland, Ted Forrest, Bruno Fitoussi, and Bob Hooks. All of them will be making their debut at the tournament.

poker hall of fame

10 names to choose from

The other five names that have been nominated include Huck Seed, Jennifer Harman, Chris Bjorin, Mike Matusow and Humberto Brenes. Now that 10 names are out, 21 members of the Hall of Fame along with another panel of 20 members will put in their votes. Daniel is more of less going to be a part of the top two names, so what remains to be seen is who the second player will be.

Criteria to be followed

It surely isn’t going to be easy for the Hall of Fame and media panel members to decide on any two players. They will have to make sure that the players they choose have:

  • Played for high stakes
  • Must have played the game against at least one other top player
  • Should be at least 40 years of age
  • Should have been in the field for a considerable period of time
  • Should have played well, performing consistently and by fair means

As mentioned earlier, Daniel is on the number one spot when compared to the poker achievements of all the players. Good for him that he turned 40 this year! As per the stats, there seems to be a tough competition between Mortensen and Juanda. Both of them have been around for a while and have an eight-figure resume.

The names of the two inductees will be declared after October 10.