Massive Jackpot Win Again at Table Mountain Casino

Table Mountain CasinoThough February is regarded as the month for love with Valentine Day’s, members of Table Mountain Casino are calling it as the month of big winnings. Located in Central California, this casino is regarded highly among locals for friendly service staff and incredibly lucky slot machines. Jonathan from Fresno is the latest Club Member of Table Mountain Casino to win nearly $ 64, 811 when the casino’s Massive Cash jackpot hit Whales of cash slot with lucky spin of the wheel. This particular jackpot is exclusive to Table Mountain Casino, which can give the lucky winner anywhere between $50,000 and $150000 in cash. Jonathan is the second lucky winner in this game within a few weeks of last jackpot where the winner took home an enormous amount of $135834 by trying out penny slots in Stacks of Gold.

Regular payout at the casino

The Table Mountain Casino is located within few miles of Fresno making it easy for people to drive into the hotel on weekends and weekdays for entertainment. According to the casino’s president Rob Goslin, jackpots are a common feature at Massive Cash Jackpot and the players win small and large amounts every few hours. Players that are Club Members can get accesses to Boni and high stakes games to win cash by inserting their club cards to pay.

Popular among locals

When you check with past winners for secret to their success at the slot game it you will soon know that there are on special winning combinations to get jackpot at Table Mountain Casino’s Massive Cash Jackpot. This is a game exclusively for regulars at the casino that have Players Club membership which gives free entry to casino any time of the day. The jackpot here is so lucky that it has been named as Central California’s Winners’ Paradise by leading newsmagazines. Last September the jackpot gave out nearly twenty two million dollars in all within one month to more than four players.