The Ins and Outs of Online Gambling Legality

Many people have a distorted perception of the online gambling industry. Arguably the most concurrent theme within this distortion is that it is an industry which is awash with over complicated legislation and in particular a nightmare for service providers when it comes to paying appropriate tax and staying out of the grips of condemnation. This isn’t true. In fact, service providers have it pretty easy – up until very recently often slipping through the next of intrigue when it comes to serious issues such as tax.

Online GamblingIt was only very recently that providers offering punters (through various marketing means) in the United Kingdom their odds, though who were not based in the country, were required to go through all of the pomp and circumstance of registering for a being awarded a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Before then, it was pretty much a free for all in which these companies successfully took the money of British citizens and didn’t pay any tax to the British government. With this, it’s not really hard to understand why there is a confused attitude towards the industry as whole!

As you would expect, the introduction of this requirement in the United Kingdom last October resulted in a mad dash for market share among the main competitors active within the country. A wide range of marketing techniques have been utilised in this race, including but not limited to pay per click campaigns and social media campaigns. So far the big names are holding out, but in an industry this diverse and indeed exciting – there is always room for change!