The Grand Slam of Slots

To those who are unfamiliar, The Grand Slam is a series of tennis tournaments that epitomize the competitive spirit of the sport. Many athletes aspire to step foot on these hallowed grounds, in pursuit of glory and monetary gain. In the same fashion, the upcoming 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament pulls together future champions from all walks of life, placing them directly in the path of the Centre Court online video slot. Please visit online casinos and make extra cash.


Centre Court online video slotThis Survivor-style tournament from the original site in question is no ordinary contest. The call to arms is cast all through the world, and the first 1000 entrants will be thrust into a online slot melee where only one can take home the prize. This tourney, which costs 8 EUR to enter, happens the day of 2015/10/14 00:10, nestled in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone.


The Centre Court video slot is not a console to be taken lightly, as I recently discovered when I visited Canada’s online casino. A tennis-themed hybrid slot app, both the sound effects and graphics bring about the excitement and enjoyment of the Grand Slam. Check out the unique features of this slot:

  • Playing card Bonus Game offers more opportunities to win!
  • Players, balls and Trophies offer a unique layout for your session!
  • The Wild and Scatter symbols are invaluable! Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Five Wild symbols on a payline mean 1000 coins!